Friday, March 20, 2009

What Would YOU Ask President Obama? FOR REAL.

First, MoveOn was doing it, in preparation for last week's AIG hearing. Now The Washington Times, Personal Democracy Forum, The Nation, and are doing it, too ...

If you've ever had a question for President Obama that you wish you could ask at a press conference, you're in luck. A new initiative called Ask the President aims to do just that.

The site lets you post a video or text question for President Obama and vote on your favorites. Then the project's three partners -- Personal Democracy Forum, The Nation, and The Washington Times -- will get a credentialed journalist to ask one of the most popular questions at every press conference. ( is also a sponsor.)

source: March 20th e-newsletter

In looking into this a little more, I found this on the MSNBC website:

NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd wants to know what questions you'd like for him to ask President Obama during his prime time news conference next Tuesday night? Send him your ideas here.

If a reader goes to that website and posts a question for Chuck, then Chuck is responding to the readers' questions.

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