Saturday, March 21, 2009

The House Agriculture Committee is Listening ...

Photo: The main hearing room for the US House of Representatives Agriculture Committee, Room 1300, Longworth House Office Building.

Another example of a governmental body who is making a greater effort to involve organizations and the public in the decision-making process. We are making progress, slowly but surely:)

From one of my favorite organizations, the Organic Consumers Association:

Washington, D.C. - Chairman Collin C. Peterson announced today that the House Agriculture Committee is seeking comments on proposals to address global climate change. The Committee is soliciting the opinions of more than 400 agricultural, environmental, scientific and educational groups and other members of the public, through a print- and web-based questionnaire.

"American agriculture producers know what it means to have a green job. For years our farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners have been participating in conservation and carbon sequestration programs, working to reduce emissions and increase efficiency, and support a thriving renewable energy industry," said Chairman Peterson. "Now we on the Committee would like to know where and how these efforts will fit into the overall task of addressing global climate change. There are many different ideas out there and this questionnaire is meant to ensure that we hear from as many viewpoints as possible on how to incorporate the good work America's farmers, ranchers, and conservationists are already doing into climate change initiatives, and identify potential benefits for the future."

The questionnaire allows stakeholders throughout the nation to provide the Committee with their views on the different options being considered in Congress to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - especially as they relate to the agriculture and forestry sectors.

The questionnaire can be accessed at All responses must be on topic, in line with House rules, and include the biographical information sheet.

Web Note: Soon after seeing this press release online, the OCA received a copy of the questionnaire in the mail from the House Agriculture Committee. We are pleased that the committee is taking this action, and will let you know more about this issue and our answers to the questionnaire in the near future.

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