Sunday, March 22, 2009

Best Buy Uses Social Networking, Celebs & Philanthropy to Connect with Teens

photo: Taylor Swift

Best Buy has created the website for teens ages 13-18, in order to give teens a voice in how the company donates $1 million designated for charities.

And oh wait ... what else? Oh right, because as Best Buy admits "you are obviously key to the success of our stores. How would your parents know what to buy without you?"

From -

Best Buy's @15 $1 Million Donation: You decide. We donate.

Best Buy is donating $1 million, and you decide where it goes. Not your parents. Not your teachers. Not Best Buy execs. Not some group of government officials. You. And all the other teens like you who are registered on
Here's how it works: Collect points. Make change.

You earn points by completing activities right here on The more you participate, the more points you earn. Some activities are worth a few points some are worth a lot. Four times a year you give your points away — to the featured charity partners on you believe in most.

Every three months, we add up all the points, divide up that big stash of cash, and donate it. This is called the @15 Change Exchange. The first Change Exchange begins April 2009.

Every 3 months: New points to earn and give away. We'll have a new set of featured charities every three months, too.

It's simple. Powerful. And you make the decisions. Just think of all the good you can do. Right here on

Here's one way to earn points - play this game, which reminds me a lot of the card game, Memory, that I played when I was little.

The campaign has received support from celebrities - check out the TSA's. Yes, that's TSA's - Teen Service Announcements. Taylor Swift, Common, Ludacris, Magic Johnson, Hinder, Three Doors Down, and the following US Senators - Sen Amy Klobuchar, Sen Bill Nelson, Rep Chuck Grassley, Rep Johnny Isakson, Sen Robert Menendez.

Sen Robert Menendez -

Taylor Swift -

She's talking about her song, "Fifteen." This video was made by a fan -

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