Friday, January 9, 2009

T-Mobile's 2009 Green Cell Phone

This leaked photo has been circulating the tech world - T-Mobile and Motorola have teamed up to create this cell phone - the Motorola Renew - part of T-Mobile's 2009 line.

“Exclusively from T-Mobile, the environmentally responsible MOTO W233 Renew is uniquely designed to reduce environmental impact by using sustainable materials in its design and packaging while at the same time delivering performance and quality customers rely on.”

I was surprised to read a lot of negative comments about the phone, here.

Most the complaints have been about the apperance of the handset, which is rumored to include an MP3 player and FM radio.

According to reports, T-Mobile will release the phone in early February.

source: Sustainable Life Media: Motorola, T-Mobile to Launch Cellphone Made from Green Materials, January 9, 2009.

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