Friday, December 19, 2008's 2009 Priorities

I just received this news from

Dear MoveOn member,

Hundreds of thousands of us nominated and voted, and now the results are in—we know where to focus MoveOn's efforts for the next year.

We asked you to vote for your three top goals, but after looking at the results, it's clear that four rose above and beyond the rest.

Here's how it worked out, in descending order:
1. Universal Health Care
2. Economic Recovery and Job Creation
3. Build a Green Economy and Stop Climate Change
4. End the War in Iraq

The agenda you set is bold, ambitious—and it is exactly the change America needs.

Of course, these aren't the only things we'll work on together—we'll work on other issues as they come up, too. But the four big goals listed above will be our top priorities.

Over the course of the week, we received more than 78,000 nominations, 1.6 MILLION ratings and 806,707 votes.

And we also received a lot of emails—stories from so many MoveOn members who're personally affected by these issues. Notes like the one below are a reminder of why these goals are so critical.

"I lost a daughter to cancer in July after a fight she couldn't win because she had no insurance. When President-elect Obama said no one in these United States should die of cancer because they didn't have insurance, I knew we had to work to get him elected. My daughter had to go to a county hospital where they died one by one in Houston, TX, one of the cities with the best cancer hospitals. That is when I joined MoveOn and worked with them online and in my city to register and get out the message to vote. My daughter passed away wishing her death would not be in vain. Yes We Did."—Martha T., Abilene, TX

Click here to read more of these stories on each of the four priorities—and to see the full results for all 10 finalists:

So, thank you for lending your thoughts, your nominations, and your ratings to this process. It's a huge, exciting agenda!

Have a great holiday season, and rest up—because in 2009, we've got a lot to do.
Thanks for all you do.

–Adam, Adam G., Aisling, Anna, Carrie, Daniel, Eli, Ilyse, Joan, Justin, Karin, Laura, Lenore, Marika, Matt, Michael, Nita, Noah, Patrick S., Peter, Tanya, Wes and the whole team

P.S. To see the full results from the voting, click below:

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