Tuesday, December 30, 2008

$99 iPhone deal changes hands

I'd previously posted that Walmart was going to start selling a 4GB iPhone for $99. Not happening, anymore.

Walmart won't have the $99 iPhone. Now, the iPhone deal will come directly through AT&T. And it's not such a deal, afterall. AT&T will sell refurbished 8GB phones for $99, with a 2 year AT&T contract ... until they run out of stock. AT&T defines refurbished as "previously owned devices that have been unused or lightly used and returned during the 30-day trial period."

AT&T will also sell a 16GB iPhone for $199. This will also be available only until AT&T runs out of stock.

Walmart's iPhone deal is - $197 for the 8GB iPhone, with a 2 year AT&T contract. That's only $2 cheaper than what AT&T offers its customers. In doing so, Walmart joins a short list of iPhone official retail outlets, which also includes Apple stores, and Best Buy.

source: AT&T Steals Walmart's IPhone Thunder: The Carrier, Not the Retailer, Is Selling the Handset for $99, Advertising Age, By Rita Chang, December 29, 2008

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