Saturday, November 22, 2008

Why I Have Hope -- It's a New Day

I have to post this, even at the risk of a overload on this blog:) The official "It's a New Day" video makes me BEAM every time I watch it. I'm dedicating this post to all who have inspired me this year - particularly Jake Levine, Bear Kittay, and the HeadCount community.

I'm editing this post today, because I learned that the "It's a New Day" video that I had embedded here, was no longer working. It looks like you might have to go to and watch it there. But I'm embedding this version from when was on Oprah, to see if this might work. Fingers crossed:)

This one makes me cry. This one is dedicated to my friends living abroad, and Stephanie Thomas of the East Bay U.S. Department of Peace Campaign, who forwarded this video to me, before departing for KY, to help Obama.

Click here for the origins of this song.

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