Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's Next? MoveOn has some ideas.

From a November 24, 2008 San Francisco Chronicle article - Obama testing ways to use Internet to govern, by Joe Garofoli.

On Thursday night, - whose members supported Obama - held more than 1,200 offline "Fired Up and Ready to Go" parties. The point of the gatherings, according to an invitation from MoveOn: "We'll launch a new campaign to help Barack win big changes - like health care and clean energy." The group will follow Thursday's meetings with a day of personal lobbying on Capitol Hill and in congressional district offices Jan. 21, the day after Obama is sworn in.

The 5 million-member liberal online hub has seen its membership transformed this year. MoveOn gained 2 million new members in the past six months - 55 percent of them are not white. (Membership was 85 percent white before.) At least half of the newcomers are under 35, said executive director Eli Pariser.

Unlike past political campaigns, where voters returned home after casting their ballots and waited for politicians to deliver results, many Obama supporters are looking for ways to continue to provide their input and offer help.

"It's clear to MoveOn members that they want to continue to focus on a few core issues," Pariser said.

Speaking of MoveOn, I LOVE this Gossip Girl Obama video (maybe because I'm a closet Gossip Girl fan:) Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively & Penn Badgley (romantically linked on both the show, and in real life) join a chorus of young voices asking their parents to save their future by voting for Barack Obama. Directed by Doug Liman (the man behind "The Bourne Identity" and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"), the video aired during Gossip Girl on the CW, and on MTV and Comedy Central.

Advertising Age praised the parody of the White House's anti-drug campaign -- the video opens with the stars finding their parents' "drill baby, drill" hats, and closes with Blake offering a to come pick the viewer up, if the viewer is in trouble, "no questions asked."

So good!

And there's an accompanying website.

Here's another good one from MoveOn. "It Could Happen To You" Winner, Funniest Ad's Obama in 30 Seconds Contest by Alexandra Barreto, Rider Strong and Shiloh Strong Los Angeles, CA --

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