Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sustainable Interior Design -- Kelly LaPlante

"Green is a standard, not a style." - Kelly LaPlante

At age 22, Kelly LaPlante left the high-end residential interior design firm where she was working, and ventured out on her own to start an eco-friendly design company Organic Interior Design, Inc. In an interview published in E: The Environmental Magazine, Kelly says, "I knew I had the goods, the desire and the willpower to do it."

Based in Venice, CA, Kelly's client list includes Amy Smart, Ally Sheedy, Tiffani Thiessen, and Michael Rapaport.

Check out Kelly's bio; here's a highlight from her website:

This summer, LaPlante is poised to burst onto the scene as she releases her first book, ecologique, and hosts Brilliant Green, airing on the Ovation Network. In July she will also be launching a not-for-profit website which will present an expert review of various green furnishing companies, their strengths and their weaknesses-- is the first website of its kind.

In terms of her work, Kelly's first priority is reuse (furniture), which she says many people overlook. She's working on her own line for O Eco Textiles, due out in early 2009. She recently published a coffee-table book, "Ecologique: the Style of Sustainable Design."

Check out her work, here, in this video from the Sundance Channel --

A take-away message: to start small, but luxurious, Kelly suggests towels and robes. She particularly likes Nandina's. She also recommends store Bluehouse in MD.

Check out Kelly's blog, here.

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