Friday, November 21, 2008

Steve McCurry -- raising awareness through international travel photography

While I'm on the subject of photographers ...

My favorite photographer is Steve McCurry. Ah! This guy is amazing. You'll probably know of him, from the photos above, which appeared on the cover of National Geographic. I first became familiar with Steve McCurry in 2001, when I organized a trip to a photography center in Woodstock, NY, for my Frost Valley YMCA CIT's (Counselors in Training). Steve was the guest speaker that night. I then happened upon a Steve McCurry traveling exhibit in 2003, at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. I was in Rochester, NY attending my brother, Justin's show, at the completion of his art residency at Genesee Pottery. Steve's work is incredible. If you get the opportunity to see his work in person, then don't miss it! (Justin's work is amazing, too. I wish I that I had a digital photo, to post here.)

Here, in these 2 videos -- part A, and Part B -- he talks about his first photography trip, when he left the USA for India for six weeks, and didn't return for 2 years. He talks about the little girl from the cover of National Geographic, and how it generated worldwide concern for her well-being, and how it moved people to volunteer at refugee camps in Pakistan. And then how finding her again, resulted in the founding of a non-profit that raised money to educate girls in Afghanistan. I know the videos are long, but they are fascinating, if you are interested in this stuff:)

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