Saturday, November 22, 2008

In My Name

Youtube held an event in San Francisco tonight. made an appearance, and debuted his new video "In My Name". Check it out.

Personal use of handheld technology, combined with creativity and passion.

Then the combonation of many voices, again using technology and creativity, and passion, to create one unifying, universal message. Beautiful.

Similarly, Australian free surfer Dave Rastovich launched a visual (virtual) petition, to convince the International Whaling Commission to put a stop to whaling - hunting and killing whales, and dolphins. It started with celebrity surfers, who permitted Rasta to take photos of them holding up photos of whales. The petition has grown enormously - and it's open to anyone who wants to "sign" the petition - just download and print a photo of a whale from Rasta's website, take a digital self portrait of yourself with the photo, and upload it to the petition website. More on Rasta in an upcoming post.

Photos of Kelly Slater, and Rasta, taken from the Visual Petition. (And a photo of me, and my dog.)

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