Thursday, November 27, 2008

Engaging Employees in Corporate Environmental Initiatives

I saw this project mentioned on the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) website, and thought it was interesting.

Someone is focusing on how to engage employees in corporate values. This is a nice step above engaging consumers in causes, through cause marketing campaigns! Yay!

The following was taken directly from the NEEF website:

The National Environmental Education Foundation's
Business Employee Sustainability Education Survey


With the recent explosion of all things “green,” many companies are recognizing the valuable, indeed essential, role their employees play in aligning day-to-day operations with corporate values regarding the environment and sustainability. And yet, we’ve heard from many companies that they are not entirely sure how to effectively educate and involve employees in corporate environmental activities.

In response to growing interest, The National Environmental Education Foundation ( has done research on this issue and conducted a survey to gauge how leading companies approach internal employee education and engagement.

The survey is part of a larger study on corporate environmental and sustainability education. The study will document best practices, highlight lessons learned, and examine measures of success. For our audience of business executives and managers, these elements will help define viable, practical strategies to engage employees on a range of in-house environmental and sustainability matters.

Survey Findings

The NEEF survey, conducted in May 2008, examines aspects of corporate environmental and sustainability education initiatives at companies at varying stages of program development: Advanced, Beginner, No program yet, No program in future. There were 1,354 survey respondents, with approximately 300 respondents per track. However, not all respondents answered every question.

Read the survey summary here.

For more information about the survey, please contact Krista Gullo at business(AT)neefusa(DOT)org.

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