Friday, November 21, 2008

Creative Environmental Messaging

"Once Upon a Tide" -- "Working with award-winning filmmakers (Sea Studios Foundation) and animation studio (LAIKA/house) the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School produced a 10-minute film that reconnects its audience to the importance of the marine environment. Unlike conventional natural history documentaries, this film is a fictional narrative that blends the moral and visual elements of a fairy tale to inspire us to recognize the importance of ocean conservation. It will be shown in aquariums, museums, theaters and schools nationally and internationally. Film distribution includes educational ‘take-away’ guides for viewers."

In 2005, photographer Cristina Mittermeier founded the International League of Conservation Photographers, a prestigious organization of professional photographers whose mission is to translate conservation science into compelling visual messages targeted to specific audiences. They work with leading scientists, policy makers, government leaders and conservation groups to produce the highest-quality documentary images of both the beauty and wonder of the natural world and the challenges facing it.

Check out their traveling exhibit, "IRREPLACEABLE- Wildlife in a Warming World", created in partnership with Earthjustice.
09/08/08 - 12/31/08 -- San Francisco Public Library
01.01.09 - 01.31.09 -- Los Angeles, CA
03.01.09 - 03.31.09 -- NYC
04.01.09 - 04.01.09 -- Washington, DC

Also check out this interview with Christina. I am a big fan of her work! She is AMAZING.

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