Friday, November 21, 2008

Chris Jordan -- photography with a message

OK ... I'm on a roll.

I am a BIG FAN of Chris Jordan's work, as well. In his former life, he was an attorney. Now, he takes photos, and manipulates the images on his computer, in order to convey social and environmental messages.

The image above depicts 1.14 million brown paper supermarket bags, the number used in the US every hour.

I saw a Chris Jordan interview, where he talks about how he got started in this. He had one of his photos hanging in his apartment - a photo of a colorful landfill. He liked it for the colors. But his guests would often comment on the environmental message conveyed by the photo. It got Chris thinking ... and now here he is, creating some very popular pieces! If you check out his speaking schedule, it seems that he never stops traveling and speaking:)

I got to see his exhibit "Running the Numbers" at a small museum in MD, in 2008. Very exciting! If you aren't familiar with his work, then definitely watch this short video. His art is great, as it is, but the creative messaging behind it is also absolutely inspiring.

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