Saturday, November 22, 2008

CAKE's blog

The band CAKE has installed solar panels on the studio roof, and their upcoming album is being recorded on 100% solar energy. The band's t-shirts are American Apparel (sweatshop free), and their website encourages fans to rideshare to shows.

On 0ct. 18th, the band performed at a benefit concert for Volunteer Company 61 of Butte county, who tirelessly fought the massive CA wildfires this past summer. The benefit raised funds for a badly needed emergency response vehicle.

But even cooler, CAKE has a very active blog, dating as far back as Nov 2007, that addresses social and environmental political issues. It's not just a rant; it contains links to tons of informative articles.

My favorite example:

Newsflash for October 28, 2008
In light of recent events in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where a huge, floating island of everyone's garbage has formed called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, CAKE has now decided to sell our new compact shopping bags for a paltry $5 each. Never use plastic bags again.

And I really love this one -- CAKE holds contests at their shows, where the prizes are trees, to be planted in fans' yards! I've seen a lot of musicians make environmental statements, but this is a first for me:)

Here is Lynne, of Louisville, KY, with her cherry tree that she won at the June 4th CAKE concert in Elizabeth, Indiana.

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